For pilots planning to participate in the Dawn Patrol on 14 September to commemorate the Battle of Britain, please note that:

  • Pilot briefing will be at 0630 to allow any visiting pilots to arrive after the curfew i.e. after sunrise which is at 0616 on 14 September.
  • The route will be in Class G airspace over the Fleurieu Peninsula and Murray River area. An Adelaide VNC will be sufficient.
  • There will not be an out-landing.
  • You will need a camera to record various features on the route.

I will be at Wudinna on the evening of 13th September for an Angel Flight fund-raising function and will be flying back to Aldinga very early on Sunday morning.  Weather permitting, I will arrive at 0616, in time for the briefing but, should I be delayed, someone else will be there to get the event under way.

After breakfast, we will relax to the wartime songs of Vera Lynn, performed live in the club rooms.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me by email or at 0414 538 542.