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The February flying competition will be a navigation event but it will quite different to previous navigation competitions so pilots intending to participate may appreciate some advance information.

Key points to note are:

• Pilot briefing will be at 08:30 with the first aircraft departing at 09:00.

• The competition will involve flying a route with several waypoints, all of which will be unknown until each aircraft commences taxiing for departure.

• The total distance flown will be approximately 225 n.m.

• A crew of pilot and navigator is recommended but the competition can be completed solo.

• Each pilot will have to nominate their planned TAS and fuel burn rate prior to departure and record fuel on board prior to departure and upon return.

• Points will be awarded for:

o Correctly identifying all way points.
o Actual flight time (commencing to taxi to engine shut down) compared to expected flight time based on declared TAS.
o Actual fuel used compared to planned fuel use based on declared fuel burn rate.
o Correct answers to questions en route.
o Accuracy and quality of radio calls made on the Aldinga CTAF.

Closer to the date, I will send a reminder with these details and ask that pilots intending to participate let me know so I can work out a schedule of departure times.